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Katrina's Story

When my only daughter died unexpectedly at 28 on the operating table, we were all stricken with deep grief. We also grieved the losses that her twin daughters would have, knowing their mother would not be coming home to them. Noelle and Devin were two years old at the time of her death.  Their father was not in a position to care for them, and was grieving the loss of their mother as well. So, his mother and I took turns as surrogate mothers trying to provide the twins the best of both worlds and protect them from more pain.

I was living in one state and the other grandmother was living 1,000 miles away in another state. It was hard work, and we gave it our best, but children need consistency and two parents to care for them. They also needed parents who were not both in their sixties.  The pain and sadness that we experienced in the loss of our daughter was great. The loss of our grandchildren would have been a double blow if we had not been for us making an open adoption plan and continuing to have ongoing contact with the twins' adoptive parents. We are able to speak to Noelle and Devin, send them gifts, and visit them. They are thriving and receiving the love they deserve and that their birth parents daughter would have wanted. I know my daughter would have approved of this wonderful family and we are all much happier now that the twins have the lovely parents that we found on Thank you for helping us during our loss with a blessing of such a delightful family.


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